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Port Townsend!

I finally have images ready to show from my trip to Port Townsend…it’s about time I know!

I spent a wonderful week at the Chevy Chase Beach Cabins (a great little spot hidden just south of Port Townsend with adorable cabins) battling the weather to get a few final shots for my portfolio. When the sun was out, which was usually only in the mornings, I tried as much as possible to shoot outside. When the clouds rolled in I took advantage of the wonderful window light that came through the cute white framed pane-glass windows.

It was a nice change of pace to be on location and outside, but boy did it take a lot of preproduction planning…and some careful packing…to get all of the right gear, props, food, etc. out to Port Townsend. After having developed a good workflow when shooting at home, it was definitely strange to be “unplugged” and shooting with only natural light, fill cards, and a camera. But I enjoyed the challenge! Even though I didn’t get to shoot everything that I had hoped to, I’m happy with the photos that I got. Here’s a little taste of what I did: a white and blue themed still life, blueberry peach cobbler (yum!), summer berries, and a visit to Solstice Farmstay…enjoy!   (you can check my main website for the final food and still life photos that I’ll use in my portfolio www.oliviabrentphotography.com)

White and Blue Still Life Photograph with Utensils

White and Blue Still Life

Utensils Photo with String

Utensils with String

White Flowers in Blue Jar Photograph

Flower Detail

Ingredients Blueberries Photo


Blueberry Peach Cobbler Photograph

Blueberry Peach Cobbler

Summer Berries on White Chair Photo

Summer Berries on Chair

Solstice Farmstay Port Townsend Sign Photograph

Solstice Farmstay

Lamb at Solstice Farmstay in Port Townsend

Lamb at Solstice Farmstay