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White Wine in the Arboretum

One of the shoots that I didn’t get to in Port Townsend was of this lovely white wine bottle. I liked the simplicity of the label and thought given the name of the winery it ought to be photographed outside. I found an oak grove (just in case I wanted to include the trees!) in the Arboretum and waited for a sunny day to go and try my hand at shooting wine with natural light. I had never tried this before so I was a little nervous, but utilizing the organic drop (natural shadows) that the branches and leaves of the trees provided I was able to find the right angle to shoot at to get the best light.

Later when I got home I decided to uncork the bottle and shoot a few images with wine in the glasses just to get a well-rounded look…and to taste :)  Now if only we can get this kind of sunshine to stick around…


White Wine on Location Photo


White Wine and Glasses Photograph