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Cookbooks, Road Trips, and More!

Our gorgeous Pacific NW summer is at an end, and to celebrate how awesome it was I thought I’d share some of the work I did (in the studio and the garden) during the season, and give an update on a few projects from earlier in the year. […]

Smoothie Basil Strawberry Olivia Brent Food Photography

Happy Summer! – New Work

Due to a giant server malfunction/meltdown/collapse/etc., I’ve lost my last few blog posts that showed what I’ve been up to for the last couple years   So…I think it’s time for an update!  Here’s a bit of the work that I’ve been doing lately – some fun projects, challenging […]

Olivia Brent Seattle Food Photographer Cauliflower Moody

Best Restaurants 2012…and other fun things

It’s November, which means it’s time for Best Restaurants again!  This year I got to go all around Seattle to a huge variety of places both new and old to capture some truly “Seattle” restaurants and dishes.  I had a lot of fun trying new […]

Olivia Brent Photography Seattle Bride and Groom Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes!! Seattle Met Bride and Groom photos

One of my other projects that got lost in the gap between blog posts was some work I did for Seattle Met Bride and Groom.  They don’t have online versions of the articles, so here are some photos to show what the final product was. […]

Best Seattle Food Photography Olivia Brent Ice Cream

Seattle Met Website – New Look + New Work (I know it’s been awhile!)

Ok so I’ve been pretty bad about updating my blog over the last few months!  Life has been busy, but mostly good things, and now I have lots of new work to catch everyone up on… A few magazine issues have come and gone featuring […]

Olivia Brent Seattle Food Photography Spring Eggs

New work for spring!

Spring is finally here!  Well mostly anyway  I’ve been inspired by the changing seasons in recent shooting, it’s been all eggs, asparagus, flowers…and a few other tasty treats…for weeks, and I’m excited to finally share some of the images!  Since our winter lasted so long […]

Olivia Brent Food Photographer Seattle Met Altura Restaurant

Seattle Met – February Issue

New food on Capitol Hill, a truly GIANT burger, yummy Mexican food on QA hill, and a unique craft distillery – check out this month’s articles by clicking on the images below!    

Olivia Brent Food Photographer Seattle Cobbler Berries Ingredients

Blueberry-Blackberry-Peach-Nectarine Cobbler

So these are a little old…like early summer old…but I came across them the other day and thought I would put them up to share.  I was making some cobbler/crumble/whichever name you prefer with my mom and thought I would snap a few photos along […]

Olivia Brent Seattle Food Photography Bakery Chocolate Cookies

Grilled Cheese Bites and Holiday Cookies

Nothing says cold-weather comfort food like grilled cheese and tomato soup…and a stack of chocolate truffle cookies The “Tomato Soup ‘Fondue’ with Gruyere Grilled Cheese” at Seattle’s new RN74, located downtown on the corner of 4th and Pike, is melt in your mouth delicious and […]

Olivia Brent Seattle Food Photographer Best Restaurants Magazine

Top 25 Restaurants – Online Article…for those who didn’t buy it :) …and my favorites

Hey all! I’ve been a little slow on this one, but the online version of the Top 25 Restaurants article is up online.  It was an incredible couple of weeks shooting at these restaurants…sadly I couldn’t make it to all of them, but the ones […]