Monthly Archives: January 2012

Olivia Brent Food Photographer Seattle Cobbler Berries Ingredients

Blueberry-Blackberry-Peach-Nectarine Cobbler

So these are a little old…like early summer old…but I came across them the other day and thought I would put them up to share.  I was making some cobbler/crumble/whichever name you prefer with my mom and thought I would snap a few photos along […]

Olivia Brent Food Photographer Seattle Met Coterie Room Crab

Fine Dining in SeaTac, Red Mill Burgers (yum!), Smoked King Crab, and More!

Lots of new work out in this month’s Seattle Met magazine!  I got to go to some great places for this issue, including the newest Red Mill location, and shot for a few new features in the Dining Out section of the magazine. (Click on […]