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Smoothie Basil Strawberry Olivia Brent Food Photography

Happy Summer! – New Work

Due to a giant server malfunction/meltdown/collapse/etc., I’ve lost my last few blog posts that showed what I’ve been up to for the last couple years   So…I think it’s time for an update!  Here’s a bit of the work that I’ve been doing lately – some fun projects, challenging […]

Olivia Brent Seattle Food Photography Magazine Cover Waffles

The New (and really delicious) Seattle Breakfast – and cover #2!

I’ve been waiting until everything was up online to post about this one – and I think it’s finally all there and ready for viewing! I’m so excited about this issue, it was probably one of the more fun assignments I’ve done since starting with […]

Olivia Brent Food Photographer Marzano Restaurant Tomatoes

See my photos on Marzano Italian Restaurant’s new site!!

A few months back I had the wonderful experience of shooting at this cozy little Italian restaurant in Tacoma, right next to the PLU campus.  I spent the day at the restaurant shooting all sorts of delicious dishes off their new menu, and the evening […]

Olivia Brent Food Photographer Seattle Met Coterie Room Crab

Fine Dining in SeaTac, Red Mill Burgers (yum!), Smoked King Crab, and More!

Lots of new work out in this month’s Seattle Met magazine!  I got to go to some great places for this issue, including the newest Red Mill location, and shot for a few new features in the Dining Out section of the magazine. (Click on […]

Olivia Brent Seattle Food Photography Bakery Chocolate Cookies

Grilled Cheese Bites and Holiday Cookies

Nothing says cold-weather comfort food like grilled cheese and tomato soup…and a stack of chocolate truffle cookies The “Tomato Soup ‘Fondue’ with Gruyere Grilled Cheese” at Seattle’s new RN74, located downtown on the corner of 4th and Pike, is melt in your mouth delicious and […]

Olivia Brent Seattle Met October Review Ba Bar

Vietnamese Food – Street Style

I’m a little late on this one – it’s been a busy month! – but check out photos of Ba Bar on the south end of Capitol Hill on 12th near Seattle U.  They’re all about street-style Vietnamese food, good drinks, and people-watching out the […]

Olivia Brent Seattle Food Photographer Cuoco Review

Tom Douglas Feature in Seattle Met Mag

  The August issue of Seattle Met Magazine is out!  Check out the Dining Out review and the Tom Douglas feature to read about some delicious food and Douglas’ new SOLU restaurants…and of course to see my photos I had a great time getting to […]


New Work – Seattle Met Magazine

My first assignment with Seattle Met Mag is up on the website! It’s been so fun working with them, and I’ve been able to meet great people at wonderful new restaurants…and try some pretty fantastic food while I’m at it. Check for the issue, out […]

Olivia Brent Seattle Food Photographer Honey 2

Summer Honey…with a little kick

Sunshine at last! With the weather finally starting to get better I thought I would do a bit of shooting outside and this cute little jar of honey was the perfect subject. I wanted to get that lounging-on-the-porch-with-tea-and-a-biscuit kind of feel. With my trusty distressed […]

White Wine and Glasses Photograph

White Wine in the Arboretum

One of the shoots that I didn’t get to in Port Townsend was of this lovely white wine bottle. I liked the simplicity of the label and thought given the name of the winery it ought to be photographed outside. I found an oak grove […]